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HLS Streamer

HLS Streamer is a node.js project that enables one to browse their multimedia collection over their iPhone, iPad, or Mac OS X and stream the contents of their collection to their device using HTTP Live Streaming capabilities.


Installation is simple for the node.js part. However, a specially compiled version of FFMpeg is needed to handle the streaming aspects. Installation of FFMpeg is easily accomplished using Homebrew, for instance.

# git clone git@github.com:jbenden/hls-streamer.git
# cd hls-streamer
# npm install
# ./bin/devserver

The available directories are configured inside of apps/sidewalk/routes.coffee on line 6. Feel free to modify this line to suite your multimedia collection. This should be abstracted out to a configuration file, it just hasn't happened yet.

FFMpeg Installation

Using Homebrew for installation of FFMpeg is easy. Simply copy and paste the following line in to Terminal.

# brew install ffmpeg --HEAD --with-x264 --with-faac --with-lame --with-xvid